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Somatic Anti-racism Capacity Building

Somatic Anti-racism Capacity Building is explored within individual sessions and/or various small group settings. Sessions are designed for white-bodied adults to develop leadership, whether in healing and teaching professions, in activism roles, or those working within and across organizations.

This work is offered to participants who deeply care about racial equity and are willing to invest time in examining collective patterns of whiteness and implicit racial bias, dismantling them, and rebuilding a new lineage of whiteness.

When unexamined, our social, collective, and historical trauma is perpetuated and normalized as culture. In the context of the United States, we are conditioned by a culture in which whiteness is overvalued and centered, yet most often goes unnamed. This conditioning leaves an imprint on individuals and thus systems. In individuals, this imprint becomes embedded in the body (the somatic level) at a young age. Because they are experienced at the same time, one’s emerging developmental patterns and the conditioned patterns can become entangled. When exploring implicit racial bias, participants should expect to touch into developmental patterns as well. 

Participants will engage with their lived experience of this conditioning and will learn how to witness, honor, and bear the unease of examining privilege, anger, guilt, and shame in order to build greater capacity at the somatic level. This will allow access to disentangle long-standing implicit patterns, and increase the potency and sustainability of anti-racism work, both individually and collectively.

Why is this work only for white-identifying people? It is a common and expected practice for racial equity work to be aligned in affinity groups rather than solidarity groups. This lessens inhibition of having to self-censor white experiences. This also removes the possibility of unintended harm toward people of color and the additional emotional labor which can result in the white-bodied learning curve to decenter whiteness.

If you are wanting to experience individual sessions and/or start your own small group of 3-8, please contact Marty.


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